Welcome Podcast #1

Who we are, what we’re about and why we are desperately needed in the American Evangelical Church that is rife with corruption, false teaching and heresy.

Welcome Podcast #1


Today we are simply laying the groundwork. A little bit about us, our burden and our mission to help laypeople read, interpret, understand and apply sound biblical doctrine without cost, without ulterior motives and with proven hermeneutic principles first applied in 200 A.D., Antioch, Syria as applied by Luther, Calvin, Spurgeon and many other giants of the faith.
The western church has strayed far from her purpose and Theology Circus is a Christian think tank of theologians, Bible college and university professors and scholars who have dedicated their lives to sound Bible interpretation based on the knowledge that God wants all people to read and understand His revealed word. You don’t need a seminary degree to know the Bible, in fact it’s the modern seminary that’s mostly responsible for the plethora of false teachers that are fleecing the sheep of God’s flock. Well, the buck stops here.

Welcome to Theology Circus. Your home for free Bible studies with purpose.


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