Theology Circus

Welcome to Theology Circus, teaching Christians sound interpretation skills with the goal of becoming self feeding and effective in ministry. Here you will find the same tools used and taught by some of the giants of the faith such as Luther, Calvin, Spurgeon, MacArthur, Begg, Utley and many others you have probably never heard of. Men of character and faith the likes we haven’t seen since the emergence of the word of faith/prosperity preachers who came onto the scene with the advent of broadcast media. The principles and methods used here were developed in 200 A.D. at the first Bible school in Antioch, Syria and were the standard of the protestant reformers until the invasion of liberalism following the publishing of the Scofield Reference Bible in 1909.

If this is your first visit, please view our welcome video or listen to the welcome podcast below for a brief orientation before beginning your studies.

It is our prayer that you will enjoy growing in faith as you renew your mind with truths not heard from the pulpit for over a century.